"Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here."


Making a difference in the lives of students and seeing them make a difference in the world around them. We hope to develop students to be prepared for future obstacles and learn how God loves us.


Students will LOVE God and LOVE others. They will GROW in their understanding of who Jesus is and who they were created to be. Students will GO out into the world, and transform it.


WE DO FUN – we have lots of fun together.
WE DO ADVENTURE – we go to lots of places and do lots of things together.
WE DO GODLY CIRCLES – We strive to do life with healthy, Godly people.
WE DO SERVICE – We challenge our students to take on service projects around the city that brings about change in the lives of others.


Students enjoy the worship experience along with the adults in “BIG CHURCH” and then go into their own experience engaging media, fun and interactive activities and relevant, challenging talks.



What to Expect in Epic Middle School Ministries

Middle School students meet in their own area known as EPIC, located in back corner of the Children’s Area. Time spent in Epic usually consists of engaging videos, interactive activities, a quick and relevant message by a volunteer staff member, and then a chance for discussion, allowing students to apply the message to their lives. Here they gather with kids their own age and learn who God has created them to be and how to journey well through this exciting and challenging time in their lives.

Middle school is the time in life when each person’s future really starts to take  shape. Compass is committed to assisting families and students by providing a safe area for growth and development. With the help of our trained volunteer staff, your Middle School student will feel safe to explore the intricacies of a life filled with God’s love and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.


"Transforming StudentS to Transform Their World"

What to Expect in IMPACT HIGH School Ministries

The Student Area is located just left of the welcome area. After worship, students experience fun, interactive activities and a message that is relevant and significant to the lives of a high schooler. Students are encouraged to share their life experiences and to apply the message to their lives.

Students’ Ministry at Compass is all about making a difference in the lives of students and seeing them make a difference in the world around them. We are on an adventure to love God and love others and we will change the world in the process. We invite you to hang out with us and be yourself.
Our Student Staff and volunteers are here to build relationships with your students so they know that they are cared for. We teach what it means to live our faith out loud and challenge our students to transform their world.

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